Chairman and Managing Trustee

Dr.K.R.Ramesh Babu.,B,E.,M.B.A.,M.S.,P.hd.

The Chairman and Managing Trustee, Dr.K.R.Ramesh Babu., B,E., M.B.A.,M.S., P.hd., is an Engineer in Profession with Doctrate Degree in Engineering Field. Having more than 3 Decades of Experience in the Educational field as well in Multinational Companies. He is an Academic Board members of Various World leading Institution and instrumental in setting up New Courses which leads to create Employment to the Youngsters. He is Serving as an Head of Examination Board members for well reputed Institution in Abroad and India.

Our Chairman acted as a CEO, Managing Director and Board Director for many Companies in India and Abroad. He is contributed significantly to elevate the prestige of Higher Education to Rural areas.He has to his credit numerous achievements that include conducting seminars, workshops, carnivals at state and regional levels.He has invariable access to the evolving world of academics and industry.

Vice Chairman

Dr.P.Janagavalli, M.C.A., PhD

Our Vice Chairman Dr.P.Janagavalli, M.C.A., PhD. having two decades of Experience in running the Educational Institution in India and Abroad. Have great experience in Software Development and Design. Always have a thought of Provide better Job oriented Quality Education to the Poor people especially below poverty students and WOMAN.

Our College Secretary Er. P.Arivalagan is an Engineer in Profession and always having thought of providing very discipline Quality Higher education to all rural students especially concentrating on producing “FIRST GENERATION GRADUATES” by proving free Education to the Poor students.